Patti the Pig and Jenny at The Wanneroo Show
The City at New Year’s Eve – City of Perth

Patti is a very creative, curious and enterprising pig, who lives on a property on the outskirts of Perth with her friend Jenny. She is always drawing, singing and dancing, and she loves to look after the beautiful environment and ensure that everyone can enjoy it. One night, Patti started to hear strange sounds coming from the national park near their farm… Through story, song and dance, Patti and Jenny investigate, telling their story in a fun and charming way, with an environmental twist!

This is a perfect family friendly way to introduce young children to the concept of caring about the planet we live in, and looking after the beautiful nature that surrounds Perth.

Show formats

Patti the Pig Story and Song Show is available for shopping centres, community events, festivals, launches and birthday parties. We also offer the Patti the Pig Roving show, and a meet and greet option, tailored to suit.

We have a show or option to suit your occasion! Contact us for more information and prices. The Patti the Pig Story and Song Show is an original Perth production.

Patti and Jenny at The Wanneroo Show

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