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Education should be fun, and when children are engaged their receptiveness for learning increases. We utilise story, song and dance as communicators to educate, and these elements are carefully woven into your learning outcomes. Come on a journey with our fun, bright and appealing characters, as they guide children aged between 2 and 7 to explore, learn and grow.

Our recent adventures include:

Patti the Pig: It’s Not All Rubbish Kids Show – Patti the Pig and Jenny tackle recycling, teaching children about which rubbish goes in which bin and the important role they can play in looking after our environment.

Mike and Teddys Litter Awareness Show – Mike the Lifeguard and special guest Teddy the Turtle (talking Turtle puppet) take the children on a journey and share their experiences of the impact litter has had on the environment, including our parks, waterways and oceans.

Mike’s Nutrition Mission show – Mike, Bobby Broccoli and Candice the Caterpillar teach kids how to look after themselves and make healthy choices to ensure they are getting the best out of life

Milli and Mike’s Adventure Play – Keeping young children active through imaginative role-play. Children get moving by pretending to be police officers, zoo keepers and fire-fighters, in this fun and interactive show perfect for childcare centres

Sunny and Clare’s Sustainability Show – Join Sunny and Clare as they teach kids about how to live more sustainably! Sunny Sun is getting hotter and hotter, and Clare, the ice-princess is losing her ability to sing and Penny the Penguin’s home is melting.

Candice and Mike’s Garden Adventure Show Join Candice the Caterpillar (talking Caterpillar puppet) and Mike the gardening enthusiast as they introduce children to understanding the role they play in creating a more sustainable future by implementing composting, worm farming, and vegetable gardening

“I can get 10c for each piece of rubbish!”
“It’s not all rubbish!”
“Which home is for me?”


Connecting with young children in a fun and engaging way and guiding them on a journey of exploration.


Facilitating learning with an emphasis on interaction and doing.


“Checking in” with the children to test recall and ensure learning outcomes are met.

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