Gobbles the Gorilla Jungle Show

Gobi Littles is a fun, friendly, cool Gorilla who goes by the nick name “Gobbles the Gorilla”. Gobbles loves meeting new and wonderful people and is always the consummate host and entertainer.

Things have been a little quiet in the jungle lately. The new Lion refuses to allow any noise and because of this many of the jungle’s occupants are leaving. Join Gobbles the Gorilla and Blair the Chimpanzee as they bring the jungle back to life by creating a plan to convince Lion to change his mind. The Gobbles the Gorilla Jungle Show will delight youngsters with singing, dancing and storytelling!

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The Gobbles the Gorilla Jungle Show is available for your community event, shopping centre, or product launch either as a stage or roving show. After the show Gobbles and Blair will happily have photos with the audience. Ape-ropriate for children aged 3-10!

Gobbles is also available as a one-gorilla roving show for meet and greets, and mascot roles for sporting teams. Gobbles, a quintessential party animal, is the ultimate entertainer.

Enquire with us about the flexible options to suit your event!

Gobbles the Gorilla Jungle Show

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